idealink brings your idea to life

With access to great tech and design talents, idealink has all you need to develop quality, user-friendly software that suits the needs of your business. With experience both in B2B and B2C, we can help you reach your goals

Website Design

Do you need a website for your end customers? A management panel for your internal company challenges? A landing page for your next marketing campaign? idealink can developer and maintain user-friendly, mobile-first and conversion-oriented websites for your business - with world-class quality.

Dedicated Experts

in idealink, we thrive to make our customers succeed. Our dedicated experts will understand your needs and choose the best tools and tech to develope and maintain a quality website, ensuring your success.

We make sure that you reach your goals

Our clients come from diverse backgrounds, and our goal in idealink is to make sure our goals align, and you get the best outcome you could possibly get -- ever.

Mobile Application Development

We develop apps that are not only decent aesthetically, but provide a great user experience, in a highly-scalable and coherent code base

We can help you make the best decisions for your business's app

When it comes to creating an app, there are a lot of questions that you might face (and some might seem unfamiliar to you). Should our app be native or cross-platform? Is our app user-friendly? What technologies should our app use? 

With years of industry experience in these fields, we help you make the best decisions.

Tech Consulting

If your team can boost itself using expert advise, idealink is here to help. We offer consultancy in a lot of different languages and stacks, including:

Highly-Scalable APIs, MongoDB, mySql, Postgresql, Node.js, Go, php, Java, C#, javascript, Unity3d, Bootstrap, Css, html, Kotlin, Native Android Development using Android Studio, Native iOS Dev using Xcode, Flutter

Game Development

idealink has years of experience designing and developing games for handheld devices.

These days, people love games, especially if it's on their phones. With game designers with many hands-on experience developing games, especially tailored to mobile users, idealink can design, develop and publish games.

We have deep expertise in Unity3d and publishing your games to the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store.

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